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How To Downsize a Dress!

In honor of the Founding Day of Saudi Arabia (يوم التأسيس), I recently went out and bought a dress for it. The shop that I went to either had one-of-a-kind pieces, basically what I am calling free-size pieces they only made one of, and your regular S, M, and L pieces.

Unfortunately, I had to like the one that needed the most tailoring.

Here's a picture of the before.

Step One: Turn the piece inside-out.

Step Two: Either put it on a mannequin and pin the parts of the bust, waist, sleeve, and hip that you want to take in. Or, do the same thing on yourself. Don't be shy if you need the help of a friend with the pins.

Step Three: Make sure it's a seamless transition from the new seem you are adding to the existing one, that way any bumps in the fabric are avoided.

Step Four: Sew it all away! If you are unsure of the pins and markings, try sewing with a number 5 thread width. That way it can be easily adjusted and easily gone over when approved.

At this point, you can try on the dress to make sure you are comfortable in the adjustments and that everything's good with the fabric and the seems.

Step Five: overlock the new stitch. If you don't have an overlock, like me, you can sew a zigzag stitch then cut very close to it.

And you are done! Now you have a dress that is tailored to you perfectly!

Here's the after!

Check out my TikTok for the video version of this tutorial!

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